A Talk With The 2016 Homecoming King

ali homecoming.jpeg

by: Ali Abdul-Ghani

To begin, when I first heard about Black Hurricane and accompanying members of the Black community starting the first Homecoming King and Queen court, my initial thought was that it would be a great idea! I love to see people from the Black community step up and create events to highlight the successes of our peers. When I was nominated, I was more than humbled to think that I’ve done something in our community to be nominated for such an honor. With the other nominees, I feel as if anyone one of them could have been King so I didn’t care too much about winning. I was just happy to be amongst the ranks. When I won, I didn’t necessarily not care about winning the title. I just loved the fact that I was able to impact a lot of people with my words and positivity. You never know who is watching or listening to you so it’s always important to be cautious of that fact. As your first Black Purdue Homecoming King, I will continue to show love and support to not only my peers in the Black community, but also my peers across the whole campus. With this platform, I hope to see the Black Purdue homecoming court grow in the  future years. Also, with this platform, I will continue to stress community service. We all are making successes for ourselves for the simple fact that we are in college. We should be the ones giving back to our communities, and most importantly our youth so that we can help increase our college graduation rates. Lastly, as I always say, if you need anything and if I can help in anyway, let me know and I will try to lend a hand!