black history Month '17

Happy Black History Month! For the next 28 days, the Black Hurricane will be gracing your timelines with informative articles about our history, nostalgic moments in black media, and satirical posts about Trump's Amerikkka.


february 1: what about white history month :( ?

We're going to kick it off with a brief history lesson about the origins of black history month and its purpose today.  We will then conclude with some... condolences from the author about the absence of White History Month. Please read, repost and share!


February 2: Justice for Emmitt Till

The case of Emmett Till is a nationally known story.   Emmett, originally from Chicago, Illinois, took a trip to visit some wealthy relatives of his in Mississippi.  This would be the last trip that he would take alive.  Just a 14 year old boy brutally beaten, shot, lynched and then thrown in the Tallahatchie River to which he was made to carry a 75 pound cotton gin fan.  This was due to accusations of “flirting” with a white woman. 


february 3: 14 Great moments of black love

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s definitely a great time to cherish and celebrate the appearance of black love on TV and in cinema. Black Hurricane came up with 14 moments of black love to bring tears to your eyes, warm your hearts, and brighten your smiles on this day of romance. Enjoy!


February 4: Woke

It’s hard staying woke when it feels so pleasant to sleep.

My imaginative mind is repressed

By the immediate reality of avoiding what’s deep.

A persistent suppression must at some point release.


february 5: Fences Review

Powerful, moving, ugly, honest. Denzel Washington’s third directing job, the film adaptation of the play Fences, is all of these things and more. I can't recall any other movie with as realistic representation of the dynamic of the black nuclear family as this. 


February 6: Atlanta Review

Donald’s new series Atlanta is nothing like anything else on tv. It’s a poignant and hilarious look into the lives of black millennials trying to find their place in the world.


February 7: my sister's keeper

Click through to see some black girl magic.


February 8: Willie Lynch and Black Criminality

The year is 1712. What is now the United States of America was but a mere assortment of colonies; the newly ripened fruit of colonialism and slave labor in the new world. In one of the oldest of these colonies, Virginia, a British slave owner by the name of Willie Lynch was said to be invited to present to local slave owners his methods of slave owning (Internet Archive 1996). His alleged speech made over three centuries ago was explicitly detailed in his letter.


February 9: Black in corporate america

Suit Pressed.

Hair Picked.

The Country I Work For Don't Work For Me.

8 Hours A Day I Slave Away.

I Mean, I Work For Pay...


February 10: She's Livin

Beautiful black girl.

A globe that encompasses your brain

Thoughts constantly stemming

from your want to be sane


February 11: A reflection of a women's march

As an African Muslim woman in America, I don’t actually identify with mainstream white feminism. Although many of the issues plaguing the white women in America impact me as well, white feminism doesn’t have my interests at heart. Its goal is not to overturn white power and oppression as a system in general, but to nudge white women a little higher on this totem pole of oppressors and the oppressed.


February 12: I was feeling a bit nostalgic today...

The Boondocks was by far my favorite comic and animated show on tv. Here's a few strips from the McGruder's original comic.


February 13: The N Word

I personally don't see what the controversy is here. If you're white, don't say it :). Lexi Becraft has her own thoughts here though. 


February 14: Tips for those ready to Change

If you're not happy with where you are in your life right now,  ask yourself what are you angry at yourself about...What are you afraid, ashamed, guilty of? What have you not forgiven yourself for..


February 15: Fuck I look like

One of my favorite pieces of spoken word. *Viewer discretion is advised*


February 16: How to not hurt white people's feelings

Another youtube video that made me el oh el. Enjoy!


February 17: MEET THE TEAM

Black Hurricane is a business; it has dedicated individuals working around the clock to ensure its success. Here's a couple candids from one of our recent meetings.