Nadya - A Mile in my Shoes

This year, Donald Trump got elected, so, being black, let alone a black WOMAN in this society just got a whole lot harder.  I wake up every morning to the sounds of birds chirping.  This isn’t outside my window though. It’s on my phone alarm because where I live, the birds don’t stay around for long.  Yeah, sometimes living in the worst part of my neighborhood, of my city, can be difficult but hey, you have to get by however you can when the price of living around your ‘Predominantly White Institution’ is solely conformed to the pockets of your wealthy, white neighbors or the Asians with the expensive cars.  Being a “mixed chick” in this society, you are over-sexualized, under-appreciated, and held to a different standard than the black girls around you. I get, “You’re pretty for a black girl.” or “What are you.” from the white people. I get, “Girl, why you talk so white?” and “Chill, you not all that black.” from the black people. Though, statistically, I am going to get a job before my more melanated sisters, I have to be more “ratchet” or more of a “hoodrat” to even be accepted by them. So, why should I care about them if they won’t even accept me for the linguistic, xenophilic, erudite BLACK woman that I am.  I care because no matter what, when I walk down the street, the “1 drop rule” defines me as a target for a similar racial discrimination as my sisters. SO, every morning, I wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, get dressed, do my hair and makeup and walk out, ready to take the bullets from all sides again. But hey, when you’re “pretty for a black girl” but “not black enough” that’s all you can do.

Alexis BecraftComment