Lorraine - "Bye Desmond"

There is much to be said about a woman from the way she reacts to any situation. She can choose to be graceful, poised, calm. She can bitch out, flip tables, get mad. She can cry. She can even ignore it. Pretend like it doesn’t exist. Run away.

If you were reading closely before, you’ll notice that I said there is much to be said about a woman from the way she reacts.

Now let’s take a moment to visit the BLACK woman. There’s only one thing to be said about the way she reacts to her surroundings, and although they (*they meaning everyone who isn’t a black woman.. yes even a black man) can use whatever synonyms they please, judgement of the black woman, following her reaction to an intense situation usually sounds a little like -

“You’re angry.”

“No! Of course not! I’m so happy I could shit rainbows,” I reply to Desmond as he sits across from me in Starbucks. He offered to bring me here because he felt that he owed me closure on our recent break up.

I only came for the free frappuccino. As far as I was concerned the situation was closed. But then this dumb ass nigga decided to try to slide his new ass information into what was supposed to be my closure on our old ass business.

“So you’re dating some white bitch? Really nigga? We’ve been broken up for 2 weeks!”

“Chill out, Lorraine! You’re making a fucking scene!”

Chill out? As if I didn’t always put him first?

As if I didn’t jeopardize my grades taking a leave from school when his Mom died?

As if what we had wasn’t real?

Before I knew it, my frappucino was dripping down his shirt... Because I poured it there.

“Hope you and Becky have a nice life, asshole.” I stood up from the booth. “You moved on too fast. You were probably seeing her on the side the whole time.” I grabbed my purse.

“You’re absolutely right.” He said, napkin to his shirt, trying to clean up my mess.

“Bye, Desmond. You can forget that friendship we were supposed to have.”

I was hurt. Not angry.

But no one would ever listen to me long enough to believe that.

Alexis BecraftComment