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Get Over Yourselves

by; sydnei parker

Immediately following the 2016 presidential election, I felt uneasy. I had a feeling that certain people felt as if they can say and do things they typically wouldn't. I was right. We had a student get trailed down Northwestern by a car of white males ordering him to get out of the car so they can lynch him. But we're supposed to get over ourselves according to the Editor-in-Chief of Purdue's Exponent. "If you genuinely feel threatened by someone, tell the police." How about you do some research Andy... the cops are the last people many blacks here feel comfortable calling. I'm genuinely appalled that this issue was pushed to the side and we were told to get over ourselves. Andy, GET OVER YOURSELF. Just because you don't feel threatened doesn't mean that you can brush our problem to the side like it's irrelevant. NEWSFLASH: It's not, and that's what's wrong with our country now. You can't fix a problem without the everyone acknowledging it exists.