Lorenzo - Disillusioned

I wake up every morning frustrated and distraught. Feeling like I am stuck in a world that is out to get me! No matter how hard I compete and how much I succeed the world cannot see past the dark pigmentation of my skin. I do not understand it, it seems like every time I make one step forward the world knocks me 5 steps back. I try to be strong and not show how much it is getting to me when I have a son at home who looks up to me, and I have to be the one to tell and show him how he has to work twice as hard and be twice as careful as the other kids just because of the color of his skin. It drives me insane that he has to have his innocence burdened by the generations of oppression and suffering that have been passed down and cursed upon every person of color in this world. Also, my sweet daughter who has to be told she isn’t beautiful because her hair is coarse or to be told that she is pretty for a black girl. Why can she not be beautiful the way she is? I cannot even explain to her the challenges that she will have to face as she continues to grow in this twisted society that will try to mold her into what they think she should be. I have worked hard for what I have, I sacrifice and labor everyday so that I can prove I am three times better than my melanin deficient classmates. Yes, I said classmates. Not only am I in college, but at a predominantly white institution that further tries to hinder my progress. Even though these people don’t know I have kids, they still box me into this stereotype that because I am black I am not allowed to be better, I am not allowed to be heard, I am not allowed to succeed. This process continues to repeat and that is why I am angry.

Alexis BecraftComment