Marcus - God

Yesterday, one of the most heinous mass murderers of the decade, Dylann Roof, was sentenced to death for the slaughter of nine black parishioners in Charleston back in 2015. This is a landmark decision because he is the first person to receive the death penalty for a federal hate crimes case.

For many people, this verdict brought resounding closure to the families and loved ones of the victims. To others, it represented progress. Considering the seemingly never-ending list of white officers, politicians and rapists who got off with a slap on the wrist, this case demonstrated that America's white privilege card was running low on funds. To me, however, his death is a fucking cop-out. 

For one, what gives us as humans the right to play God? Who the hell gave us the divine ability to decide who lives and who dies? On top of that, what type of punishment is death anyway? It's quick and rather painless in his case. He'll never experience even a fraction of the suffering and misery he caused the families of those victims. He'll never feel the emptiness that church community felt when they put nine bodies in the earth well before their time. The only consequence Dylann will ever know is darkness. And that's bullshit to me.

Adam WilliamsComment