"Black Hurricane was originally created at Purdue University in 1972 by the Black Student Union. The digitization and ressucitation of the Black Hurricane came after discovering this student newspaper during the process of researching previous student publications at Purdue in lieu of forming a digital newspaper. Decades later, an undergraduate of purdue decided to digitize the paper thus founding the digital Black Hurricane."

The Purpose of this website is to:


After seeing the school newspaper consistently misrepresent its’ underrepresented population of Black students, I came under the same realization as the courageous individuals before me, the importance of controlling our own media. This also helped me realized the limitless opportunities and possibilities that would be afforded to our community by ways of a central medium of communication. It is my vision that this space creates a pool of knowledge, sense of support and community, as well as recognizing the individuals that help make our campus and world a better place. Inform, Inspire, Influence, Empower, Unite.
— Jeremiah Johnson, Digital Black Hurricane