Mental Health & Rap Music

By: Maurina Baker

Mental health in the black community is often written off as “attitude problems” or being ungrateful. Many of us have heard our parent warn us about how much harder it was for them growing up or that we just need to “pray about it” and the problems will go away. 
But it doesn’t. 
Black mental health is important especially when you are in college.
It is important when you watch a video of someone who looks like you get gunned down. 
It is important when you have to explain to people why we protest. 
It is important when you have to push aside your sadness to do homework.
Black mental health matters. 

Kid Cudi is not the only rapper sharing his struggles with his fans. Lil Wayne rapped about his failed suicide attempt on the song “Mad” by Solange. Kevin Gates and Gucci Mane have both openly talked about his issues with depression and drug dependency in interviews. Isaiah Rashad’s “Heavenly Father” chronicles his issues with self harm and depression. 
The response to Kid Cudi has been supportive and it shows that we have to allow the room for people who aren’t in the public eye to talk about their problems.  

If you need help seek it. Purdue students can utilize CAPS and get 6 free counseling sessions. Follow the link for more information.

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