Know What You Don't Know

By Distinctly Unique, Spoken Word Artist/Poet

Hear the stories
Black man vs white man?

Man 'cused of rape
gets beat
gets lynched
gets shot,
Man murdered.

Black men protest about the war,
Black men lose.
Black men successful businessmen,
Black men bruised.

Over and over this is what we heard
but no talk about the woman,
only women who observed.

Black Women provide aid for them,
Black women fight.
Black women win the battles,
Black women right.

Call them Queens for the revolts they lead...
back then, against the Romans, the British, the French
and again today leading army of men,
fighting for their freedom in a land so focused on male liberation.

Hear the stories of the women who rebelled
like Carlota Lukumi or Queen Nanny,
Karen Bass,
or Robin Kelly
And know their truth.

Adam WilliamsComment