So In Class...


By: DeLandra Madden

So I sit in the front of my criminal justice class, and today we had Indiana state police troopers come speak about their job & upcoming recruitment. A classmate asks, "what type of discretion do you use when pulling people over?" One of the trooper responds, "if you're black with dreadlocks and glasses, you're going to get pulled over." *looks at me and smiles* *I glare back like whattt?!* He says," no I'm just joking; I only said that because I was looking at her right here. Yeah a lot of people think we pick on them because they're black or pink or whatever, but if you're acting stupid on the road, we're going to get you"
2 things: 
1. I don't have dreadlocks
2.. Only in your privileged world is that an appropriate joke
..but let's continue
another classmate asks, "What do you guys think about body cams?"
Same trooper says, "You know, if Hillary were elected, she was going to make every policeman wear a body cam. As an officer, I think my integrity should be enough."
2 things:
1. If you had integrity pre-body cam, that doesn't magically go away because you're made to wear one, does it?
2. Get your ole - "I wear a badge, you should automatically trust me" behind on somewhere
rant over.


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