5 Tips for a “Happy Holiday”

1.    Focus on the fun/festivities rather than the funds.

Remind yourself that it’s not about the amount of money spent. Overspending or feeling the need to spend more during the holidays brings on a lot of stress. Spending TIME is the key.

2.    Remember that “It’s okay not to be okay”.


Sometimes the holidays bring on a lot of emotions that aren’t happy including anger, loneliness, and grief. Express and feel these feelings unapologetically and let others know how you feel.


3.    Be Involved.

Connect with family, friends, and church/community groups. If you have a chance, try volunteering, especially if your old holiday traditions are no longer occurring.  Share your experience with others, social media, or even Black Hurricane at team@blackhurricane.org.


4.    “Pay attention to what’s happening in the moment”

It’s not about what could be happening. Enjoy the experience for what it is.

Put your phone down when engaging in activities, especially among older generations.


5.    Monitor your eating, drinking, and sleeping.

The holidays shouldn’t deter you from your normal practices including exercise routines, alcohol intake, and sleeping patterns. Plan accordingly and know your limits. Overdoing them can cause problems you’ll have to face when the break is over. Enjoy your holiday activities with no regrets!

Latrice YoungComment