Emotions about Obama I didn't Expect to Have

By: Chanel Beebe

Though the nature of my understanding of politics in America has expanded and shifted dramatically over the last 8 years of my life (I was 17 when Obama was elected, had just won a huge scholarship that granted me access into the industry I now get paid to skeptically critique, and was in a relationship with a perspective I now consider unhealthy) my emotions looking at the above picture remind me that the heart tends to remember what it thought it had when it loses a semblance of it. 

Experiencing the end of Obama's term feels familiar: like the my memories of old perspectives and the truth of current ones get to sit together in my consciousness.

What I believe in TODAY because of what I believed in THEN rings with a particular significance.

No, I am not as diluted, my dreams are not as external, and my love is not as fragile, but my belief in my social power is the same in salience.

Though it has changed unit and depth (from consumer capita of self to social wealth of we), my belief in social power has not changed in the pitch with which it rings in my soul when stimulated.

Something about watching the causal familiarities of the Obamas leaving the White House struck the same chord it did when I truly believed they would change the world... except now I know we will.

Jeremiah JohnsonComment