Who Is The Alt-Right And What Do They Stand For?

  Alt-right members rioting in Charlottesville. Click photo for more alt-right info.

Alt-right members rioting in Charlottesville. Click photo for more alt-right info.

Purdue is no stranger to Alt-Right recruitment and in just a little under a year propaganda has again resurfaced. Recently Purdue’s African-American Studies and Research Center hosted a teach-in about American history, racism, and politics labeled “After Charlottesville: Confronting Racism in America” with Purdue scholars Dr. David C. Atkinson, Dr. Valeria Sinclair-Chapman and Dr. Ronald Stephens. I arrived at the original location, the newly built Wilmeth Active Learning Center but was turned back as a fire-marshal deemed the space to small for the unexpectedly large crowd. The new location was no better as the fire-marshals again struggled and miscounted seats for the crowd but was able to get almost everyone inside the room in about 15 minutes. This would ultimately cut the planned Q&A session that was to be held after the presenters spoke (which is being rescheduled). Dr. Atkinson spoke about the alt right and the following are excerpts from his presentation. It is important to understand the alt-right relies heavily on coded language so below this post I will share a hyperlink for the alt-right dictionary.

“They pretend to be innocent and humorous, free speech advocates, and a part of white identity politics (why don’t we have a white cultural center people). They are not neo-Nazis with tattoos and swastikas, they have long hair wear tweed and are “sophisticated.”- Dr. Atkinson

So what does the Alt-Right actually stand for?”

The 14 Words & the JQ       

“We must secure the existence of our race and a future for white children”-David Lane (14 Words)
  • "There are some things we must never compromise on." The 14 words and the JQ (Jewish Question) are central to their ideology. The #altright has always been white nationals.

White Genocide & White Erasure

  • White Genocide Manifesto outlines the demands of the alt-right.
  • The alt-right believe diversity policies are intentionally designed to eradicate white people are: miscegenation, immigration, abortion, and homosexuality. They also believe Anti-racist is code for Anti-white and diversity is code for Anti-white.

White Nationalism

  • This is really code for White Supremacy, and intentionally avoids supremacy to instead focus on separation, white pride and white racial affinity. This language is being used to sanitize white power and white supremacist ideas.
“I tricked people to make this movement main-stream” -Richard Spencer
“Our dream is a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for Europeans. It would be a new society based on very different ideals than, the Declaration of Independence”-Richard Spencer


  • Derived out of European far-right discourse and is a reaction to multiculturalism and immigration.

Race Realism

  • The alt-right believe race is genetic and a real biological fact and they are opposed to the race denialism of the left and academia saying races are not socially constructed and not equal.

Men’s rights, Cucks and the Manosphere

Gender Realism

  • Believe that gender is a genetic and a real biological fact. They believe feminism has emasculated and enervated men and that “Red pill” alpha males must aggressively reassert their masculinity to avoid being beta males.

Countering the Alt-Right

  • Charlottesville unhooded the Alt-Right but to effectively counter the alt-right we must know thy enemy, through learning about the true meaning of Alt-Right and spreading awareness. Also if you see and alt-right campus propaganda on campus, tear it down!!

Click here for alt-right dictionary.