Being an Introvert at Purdue


Dakayla C.

The definition of introverted is a person that is reserved or shy. Stereotypically, people think introverts would want to do things that don’t involve a lot of people. But for me that’s not the case. As you can see, I am currently a student at Purdue University, an institution that has over 40,000 students and is a Big 10 school. I am constantly walking around campus with countless people either doing something or looking for more ways to get involved. For me, I want to be apart of as many things as Purdue has to offer, but I just can’t join. I get overwhelmed withjust the thought of being in so many activities.

Being an introvert can have its cons. As a college that has a lot of social outings (i.e. parties and sports) I can’t bring myself to go to them often because I’ll either be too anxious with all that’s going on around me or I’ll be mentally drained from all of social activity I had to go through just to go to the event. Just those two reasons alone gives me enough reason not to go out. Plus, there are those people that tell me that “You need go out more,” or “You can’t fully experience college without being open.” But let me tell you something, I’m not here for the parties or outings that could possibly lead to trouble. I just want to graduate, that is my main goal currently. But as the school year has progressed I am being more open to do certain things and live the so to speak “college life.”

Now how do I make it through each day? Well, I typically start each day telling myself, “Hey, it’s one day closer to the weekend (or graduation),” whichever I’m more looking forward to. With each passing day, I make goals on being social, talking to people I don’t know or doing something new I haven’t thought about before. Doing stuff out of the ordinary really brings my anxiety up a few notches, so the things I just mentioned make my heart rate five times faster than it usually is. Another thing that helps me be more open about new activities is doing them with friends. It makes the environment more familiar so I don’t feel so lost when I’m there. But honestly, at the end of it all once I’m back in my room I feel relieved that I have made it through the day and that I can set more goals for the next day.

Adam WilliamsComment