Purdue Hires New Provost for Diversity & Inclusion

Jay Akridge recently agreed to be the provost and executive vice president for academic affairs and diversity at Purdue University, effective immediately according to the office of the president. On twitter @LifeatPurdue tweeted this announcement November 7th. Although Akridge has served in the position in an interim capacity since July 1, this announcement led a student to question why the new provost could not be a POC (Person of Color). 

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 2.08.16 AM.png

The silent removal of Dr. Taylor, first vice provost for diversity and chief diversity officer of Purdue University was followed by the acquisition of then Provost Debasish Dutta. A diversity and inclusion team was created only to be disbanded as 2/3 of the team moved to other universities. Not to discredit whatever accomplishments Akridge has been able to acquire, his experience with diversity does not compare to that of Dr. Taylor's. Being in Agriculture coupled with Purdue's strategic business model approach to education, one can only begin to wonder what is in store for the university in the years to come. One thing for certain is that we as a campus, (outside of the board of trustees and President), still do not fully understand diversity according to Purdue's terminology.

According to the data, diversity works to sustain white supremacy in addition to making students of color add on to the accomplishments of anyone in the position of power regarding "diversity." A stark comparison in the data shows that when white enrollment decreases, international enrollment increases. What is even more appalling is that since the Fall of 2010 the black population has actually declined. This diversity that Purdue offers is nothing more than a mere accounting project aimed at maximizing profits through international tuition.