Occupy Purdue Update

By: Anonymous Contributor

It's now been 28 days. 28 days and literally NOTHING from Mitch Daniels.
I've been occupying with other undergraduates, grad students, faculty staff, concerned community members most of the days of this movement. 6 weeks. 28 business days. Every day during business hours.
(So as not to get arrested by the Purdue Police Department even though it has happened that multiple fascist poster have gone up INSIDE Hovde outside of business hours and nothing has come of it. No one has faced any consequences. I don't find this personally shocking as PUPD is currently under investigation by the DOJ for racist incidents within their department.)
Please allow me the time to update you, personally, and please feel free to share this widely. We, at OccupyPurdue, at Hovde Hall need your support, endorsement, etc. Putting this information out in the open and broadly so, seems like it might be the only way that the administration will care to do anything because they obviously don't care to listen to their students unless it brushes up against their wallets or somehow makes them look "bad." You read that right. Adults. The University President needs to be, seemingly, shamed in to ensuring the safety of marginalized students, shamed into engaging history from a critical and multi-faceted perspective, shamed into doing their job.
Frankly, I am tired. I am tired of lying to my 106 students acting like this administration gives a damn about stopping racist actions on campus, or offers any worthwhile support to marginalized students. I am tired of sitting on the linoleum floor, or in camp chairs now gone ragged. I am tired of people telling me that a way I could better "protest" or "resist" the normalization of fascism is to "write" about it. This one is for you people.
It is absolutely ridiculous, and I am personally ashamed that the administration can not meet these five simple demands.
I am grieved by the lack of support from church people who told me quite clearly they did not support my "riotous" behavior, which has consisted of studying, talking with other students, making friends, listening to music, napping, eating peanuts, and doing menial organizational activities such making posters, carrying luggage, delivering coffee, etc.
Don't quote MLK in your sermons.
He would be so disappointed in your (I can't even call it moderate, it's too close to the fascist tendencies in the government and you can't logically defend it anymore) graceless, privileged, and very "white" behavior. It must be nice to be able to dismiss the very real fear and suffering of others as overly sensitive and then be triggered into wordlessness by profanity.
Go read the Letter From Birmingham Jail. Read your Bibles. Don't ask me about it, unless you actually want to think about and engage with what I'm saying.
Let me be clear:
We're asking the administration to take a more proactive stance against racism on campus, and I haven't even seen the President of the University in maybe 3-4 weeks and I've been sitting right down the stairs from his office.
We're asking the administration to take a more proactive stance against racism on campus not just with their lip-service but with real policy change, and we are being ignored.
To give you more of a picture of "how it's going"— just seconds ago, while I was writing this all out, a supportive Purdue staff member came by and asked what we needed, and a student responded with, "food, money, mental health, support," and one of the more powerful board members, a provost fellow for diversity and inclusion, someone who could actually make the policy change we seek just white-washed the hell out of all of us and responded with a curt smile and said "isn't that what we all need," completely silencing us.
So, that's how it's going. That's how I'm doing. If you're wondering.