2/3 of Diversity & Inclusion Team Surrender to Purdue's Diversity Dilemma

Earlier this month Provost Debasish "Deba" Dutta  and Dean of the Graduate school Mark J. T. Smith finally exploited being members of Purdue's Diversity Leadership Team. Purdue's chief diversity officer, G. Christine Taylor, was fired from the university. Her position was eliminated July 1 2015 after two months of talks with Provost Debasish Dutta, who has assumed Taylor's former role. "We have made progress but a lot more needs to be done," he said. Taylor was the university's first vice provost for diversity and chief diversity officer. Former President France A. Córdova created the position six years ago as part of Purdue's "New Synergies" strategic plan to help the university attract a more diverse student body. 

Black students have obviously been abandoned from this "Diversity Initiative" as Dutta's focus was on faculty, "(Taylor's) expertise and her passion is at the student level and she has done very well but we have not made any progress on faculty," he said. For example, less than 4 percent of Purdue's faculty are African-American, he said.


--Really Purdue? Why not include a team of both individuals? We know why... You DO NOT CARE about DIVERSITY!

Purdue is a pitiful excuse to the word, DIVERSITY and should really stop marketing the school as so. Despite what Dutta has proclaimed, our Black student and faculty population is STILL under 4% and has been stagnant nearly a decade. In actuality Dutta did less than Dr. Taylor if he wants to boast  upon facilitating conversations, as the max number of students were around 30 even with promoting food. To make matters worse, he had the audacity to ask students how to solve the diversity problem, as if we were apart of his paid team. I'll drop one hint for Purdue, RETENTION , no one wants to reside in West Lafayette unless they are white, (Dutta commuted from Chicago) everyone seems to want to use Purdue as leverage to get a position somewhere else and apparently this is a winning formula. Dutta was named chancellor of Rutgers University's New Brunswick campus, a Big Ten school with a 50,000 student population and was featured in both Journal & Courier as well as USA Today. Dean Smith however was not afforded the same publicity, as he was only mentioned in UTNEWS as he found a promotion at the University of Texas Austin. It's sad to see how the disgusting efforts towards Diversity and Inclusion at Purdue by these individuals for just 2 years has been rewarded. Other universities are eating and drinking the bullshit of both individuals (leading and facilitating change) which has been non-existent, I mean do they just have to have a title or are we going to look at results? If we are looking at results, I feel no change, I see no change, so there is no change. I'm actually more disappointed that students were used as human rungs on these pitiful imposters ladder of academic hierarchy.

Purdue will soon have to deal with something they can not talk their way out of. 


Jeremiah JohnsonComment