by: Jeremiah Johnson

  Trump Toilet: Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Trump Toilet: Photo courtesy of Tumblr


About Politics

Many of us are discussing politics nowadays and don't even know what politics are. Have you ever over cooked something and the end result is a less appetizing, unintentional dish? Politics is really nothing more than that. It's hard, barely palatable and just all around bad.
“It is often said that politics is war without bloodshed and war is politics with bloodshed”-Huey Newton…If you take some time to dissect the transitive relationship there, you'll come to the bleak conclusion, that blood is spilled regardless. The Democratic, Republican and even Independent parties are all just inevitable "L"s in different colored fonts. Why do we have to choose the lesser of evils or compromise our own morals and views constantly... Who really has the people's interests in mind in 2016?

Tuck Frump, Fuck Trump! Yes, I said it. Part of me enjoys being right about the dire situation of our nation, for the sake of me being able to say "I told you so" Another part of me despises the fact that I was able to predict this from the beginning. How did I predict this? I'll answer that question with another question: How did you allow yourself to fall into the spell of false consciousness? Were not all the signs there? Did you not witness our political system spiraling into the depths of despair with Sara Palin's similar ignorance? Oh, I know! Obama and his two term presidency put a veil over America for one of the greatest shows in American history. You let white news media brainwash you with terminology such as "post-racial society", rap songs appease you with lyrics such as "my president is black" and Obama's political platform of "change" con you.  If Obama was the hero for Black communities across the nation like he was portrayed, then why are we still so marginalized and oppressed? How come no one feels as empowered as these Frump supporters do? How come the same brash rhetoric allowed by one president elect was carefully scripted while the other said whatever the hell was on his mind? Hmmm lets blame ignorance why don’t we? 

The Pinnacle of White Supremacy

  All Lives Matter!! Courtesy of the  LA Progressive

All Lives Matter!! Courtesy of the LA Progressive

Frump is the epitome of both capitalism and racism…both of these forces permeate through every one of our political and economic structures, hindering progress and equality for generations on end and will continue to unless we properly strategize its demise. Since Frump and his Frumpers are the pinnacle of white supremacy we ourselves must become a pinnacle of unity. Our views may not be monolithic but our enemies are the same. No one pursues activism out of hate, but rather out of great love!

One thing that especially bothers me is when people use rhetoric like, “if Martin Luther King we're alive, he'd tell us to. . . ”, totally discrediting every other leader of that era. When people say that they are opposed to Blacks 'resorting to violence' what they really mean is that they are opposed to us defending ourselves and challenging the exclusive monopoly of violence practiced by white racists. Let's not become ignorant of history or feel like we are in an age where everything gets resolved by talking, because if talk alone could overthrow a government, anarchy would be but a mere tweet away. A lot of you here are scared of violence, but who really is violent here, are we the ones enticing or targeting individuals out of ignorance? No!  Just recently some peers of mine expressed their fearfulness of walking on this campus at dark, so... I suggested we do a safe walk that way people are not as inclined to target our brothers and sisters. The most ironic thing is you would call a cop quick, fast, and in a hurry to feel protected. How ironic, considering recent events. All I'm saying is lets be more interdependent and rely on each other rather than our oppressors. There is hope from a few brave individuals and I urge these individuals to join in educating our peers as well as fighting for and empowering them! There is power anywhere there is people.


How We Learn

It's three main ways we learn--study, observation, and experience. Today as activists (or potential activists), it is important to know that observation and/or participation are the principal ways the community learns. See, one thing about being at a college is everyone thinks everyone has PhDs which is not the case. Hell, even if they did, it wouldn’t make a difference cause some things you have to learn by seeing it or participating in it yourself. Do you know any people who have all types of degrees that should probably be involved right now? Hmph, thing is you can have as many degrees as a thermometer, but without practice you can’t watch Netflix and chill at the same time. See, everyone wants us to air out our grievances, report this, say that, document this… That’s what those degrees get you. But the thing is they're playin ya--they tell you "okay we'll address it. Come back and schedule a meeting so I can waste your time". They put you on their time and have you going back and forth with so many meetings that you go crazy. By the time they ask you what you want, you damn near forgot or the support that you had died off. Then they'll say "well you had your chance".

Moving Forward

We gone be aight, but let’s continue to organize and dedicate ourselves to revolutionary political power and teach ourselves the specific needs of resisting the power structure. Actually, practice the theories we're trying to go by, and accept that it is ok to FAIL...(First Attempt In Learning) but correct that theory and then you can apply it for any situation and that’s what we have to do. And just know that this all from a place of love for the people. Some of us come from what some of you would call petty-bourgeois families, though some of us could be in a sense on what you call the mountaintop. We could be integrated into the society working with people that we may never have a chance to work with. Maybe we wouldn't have to worry about court cases and going to jail and being sick or attacked. We say that even though all of those luxuries exist on the mountaintop, we understand that you people and your problems are right here in the valley. We in the Black Hurricane, because of our dedication and understanding, went into the valley knowing that the people are in the valley, knowing that our plight is the same plight as the people in the valley, knowing that our enemies are on the mountain, to our friends are in the valley, and even though its nice to be on the mountaintop, we're going back to the valley. Because we understand that there's work to be done in the valley, and when we get through with this work in the valley, then we got to go to the mountaintop. We're going to the mountaintop because there's a motherfucker on the mountaintop that's playing King, and he's been bullshitting us. And we’ve got to go up on the mountaintop not for the purpose of living his lifestyle and living like he lives. We've got to go up on the mountain top to make this motherfucker understand, goddamnit, that we are coming from the valley!