White Supremacist Propaganda is Found on Purdue’s Campus

November 30th 

By:Wes Bishop

  Photo(s) Courtesy of:   Valentina Conku

Photo(s) Courtesy of: Valentina Conku

It all started when...

This morning Purdue students, faculty, and staff were greeted with a flyering campaign espousing the principles of white nationalism.
“Defending Your People is a Social Duty,” one flyer read.
“White Guilt,” another stated. “Free Yourself From Cultural Marxism.”
All the flyers depicted a Nazi-esque ideal of “Aryan people,” and listed a website, reactionamerica.com, which is a neo-Nazi site.

Outrage and concern quickly followed from many on Purdue’s campus. By noon concerned faculty, student, and staff had called for an emergency meeting to be held that night at 6:30 PM at the West Lafayette Public Library. Organizers plan to use the event to organize people to not only respond to the flyers, but also build larger action plans to combat the increase in hate crimes following the 2016 election.
Since the election of President-elect Donald Trump several right-wing racist groups, including chapters of neo-Nazi parties have felt particularly emboldened to publicly display their bigotry and violent ideas. It is also important to remember that this is only a year after activists and people of color on Purdue's campus had to have an extended argument with the administration, people in student government, and many in the larger campus community about how racism was alive and well at Purdue, and that as a research and educational institution the university needed to do something about it.

"Free speech" was what people were told. Under that umbrella all was excused. However, now that white nationalists have been emboldened by the 2016 election we need those same "free speech" advocates to take a public stance and denounce these. These groups are literally arguing against the right of many of our friends, colleagues, and community members to even exist.These groups are not advancing "free speech" and "open expression." They are promoting an ideology, that if allowed to grow unchecked, would destroy many of us.
These posters espouse both white nationalism and a Nazi ideology of "protecting" the "white race." The subtext is not subtle. Purdue is home to people from all over the world, representing multiple people of different faiths and no faith, multiple racial groups, multiple sexual orientations and gender expressions, and multiple ethnic and national origins. These flyers are a direct affront to that very diversity, in fact challenge the very mission of the modern university which is to reflect a broadly defined human existence. If you take that diversity away then the modern university no longer exists. 

To report these flyers please follow the link and report this, and any instances of hate, to:
Or call and email directly at:
PH: 765-494-5830
EMAIL: vpec@purdue.edu