Woke by: Orrin Webb

It’s hard staying woke when it feels so pleasant to sleep.

My imaginative mind is repressed

By the immediate reality of avoiding what’s deep.

A persistent suppression must at some point release.

The comfort of each day is met with material treats

whose satisfaction is lost to the convenience of digital play

working my mind when I scroll through timelines 

to stumble across media that continues intellectual decay

Our curiosity moves us to seeking a higher existence

And a mind that filters through the noise

Attempting to unveil the truth of a waking resistance

to the lies we’ve been fed for us to remain spiritually dead

The efforts of a self-revolution begins

with the desire to decode the delusions

that have been manufactured by money-champions

To whom which we aspire to somehow upend 

An inverse is in the making

The common sense is shifting

We shall move ourselves from believing

we need more sleep because that ain’t the solution

Stay up for the ride that’s coming

Equip your mind with the true story that’s pervaded time

Now we begin to dive within the struggle

To stay woke as we unravel this majestic puzzle.